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Euterpe's First Release: The Blacksmith's Daughter



Want to win a FREE copy of Euterpe’s first release? Read on to find out how!

Customer Service Representative by day and writer by night, Arley Cole is the author of several short stories and the newly released fantasy novel The Blacksmith’s Daughter. She has spent far too much time in school and has written most of her life for other people. Now she is writing for herself.

Everybody always wants to know where I got the idea for The Blacksmith’s Daughter. They always ask me if my dad was a blacksmith. Trust me, that one is getting old.

The honest truth---not to sound like Stephenie Meyer or anything---is that I literally dreamed the opening part one night. The next morning I said to myself, “That would make a good book.” So I started brainstorming it out over the ironing board until I had it.

I would have to say that the magical system of the book was what took the most work and head-scratching. It comes a good bit out of my personal interest in the idea of the human body as an electromagnetic organism. I also asked myself what powers magic. Is it just born into a person or does it rely on an outside force to give it strength? What if that outside force were something present in the natural world? The Blacksmith’s Daughter just starts the exploration of magic in that world. More answers are to follow in the sequel, The Merchant’s Son.

It is fantasy which means it makes perfect sense to place it under Urania, the speculative fiction imprint at Musa. But I was a little perplexed when the editor decided to place it primarily in Euterpe, the Young Adult imprint.

After all, the characters in TBD are not your typical YA characters. For one thing, they aren’t teenagers. The book explores character choices that just aren’t appropriate for teenager characters---like the protagonists getting married right at the beginning. The development of the romance between Enith and Acwellen takes a very different turn than it would if they were 16 or 17.

But despite the fact that there is an adult relationship in the book, it is also not graphic by any means. Nobody is going to get embarrassed reading it. At worst, you might squee a time or two. That also helps make it YA friendly. Plus, I’ve never yet met a teenager who wasn’t interested in relationships!

And on reflection, I believe the book offers a lot for YA readers thematically. One of the major themes is finding out what you are meant to do and who you really are. Although I know 40 and 50 year olds who are still trying to answer that question, YA readers certainly are interested in figuring this out.

The least YA aspect of the book is probably the violence. The fights are bloody and I hope realistic. I get really out of patience with the sanitized TV violence we see. The killer pops a cap in somebody and they bloodlessly fall down twenty feet away. Nobody gets dirty. Nobody lies on the ground screaming until they finally bleed to death. I think that trivializes life. It makes us callous. Even though there are lots of baddies in TBD and lots of killing takes place, none of this happens without cost to the other characters. Life is valuable, and death is permanent. It does us good to remember this.

I am really glad that The Blacksmith’s Daughter found a place at Euterpe and at Musa Publishing. E-books are the future and Musa is building a brand and a library of good books that readers can come to time and time again to find something that they know will be good. They don’t have to wade through a sea of e-titles, hoping to find a buried treasure. I am thrilled to be here and hope everyone else is too!!

For our Halloween treat, we are giving out a copy of The Blacksmith's Daughter! Just leave a comment here, and Like us on Facebook at Euterpe YA Books, and it could be you who gets this great read for FREE!

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Sharon Ledwith said...

Great post - sounds like we authors are in good hands!Love your support, especially for young and debut writers!

Kathy Teel said...

There's so much talent and creativity out there...and I kinda wish I'd started younger, you know? Maybe we can help others do that!

terri_dion said...

good luck to all!!

Kathy Teel said...

Thank you, Terri! Whoever wins this book is LUCKY, because it's WONDERFUL! I can't put it down.

mirrormera92 said...

Great post and giveaway! I'll definitely look out for your posts (I'm a young writer!) =)

A really spooky YA read I've encountered lately is Simon Holt's The Devouring series.

Kathy Teel said...

The Devouring? I will totally check that out--and DO watch for our young writers contest and workshops, because that all gets going this week!

desitheblonde said...
hi ilke the pic and would love to win the book

Kathy Teel said...

Awesome...good luck to you! Thanks for posting!

Sherry Gloag said...

Good luck, just hopping by to say 'Hi' to a fellow blogger.

Tess Grant said...

Sounds like a great imprint! I write YA, and I also have a couple of young writers who would be interested in that contest!

My favorite scary book is Salem's Lot by Stephen King--my first vampire book!

Nikki said...

hmm...Ive read a few scary stories but not really any scarey novels...except for Dean Koontce. He writes scarey books!
Liked facebook page as Sherri McCarver

Sophia Rose said...

I found the explanation interesting. Good luck with this endeavor. Thank you for participating in the blog hop and the opportunity for a giveaway. My FB persona is Sally Michele Shaw.

I do not do scary stories (they scare me and I don't like that feeling). I will go as far as gothic suspense like 'Rebecca'.

Kathy Teel said...

Salem's Lot is definitely terrifying! I think I'm due for another read through it, actually. Thanks for your replies, everyone! Good luck in the book give

Ronda (Queentutt's World of Escapism) said...

Happy Halloween! Awesome Hop and I am having fun visiting everyone. Great giveaway as well. I read YA everyonce in a while and though I read a lot of Adult Erotica it is always refreshing at times to just read a good clean story. Thanks for the giveaway.

L.K. Mitchell said...

I'm really glad to be a part of such a wonderful group of writers and editors!

BeckyC said...

Lovin' this hop! Instead of spooky, I curl up with a good paranormal!

Arley Cole said...

Oooh, Salem's Lot!! Seriously spooky book. Vampire babies creep me out. And I loved Rebecca. Daphne du Maurier is wonderful. Happy blog hop everybody and thank you so much for stopping in!!!

dustycrabtree said...

Sounds good! I think I just might have to read it...after I finish The Son of Neptune (Rick Riordin)...and then Silence (last of the Hush Hush series!). What can I say, I'm a sucker for YA books. Especially paranormal/fantasy!

lindsey hutchison said...

just stopping by to say hi and visit! great post and there will be some lucky winner.

shadow_kohler said...

sounds great! thanks for the giveaway!
fb- shadow kohler

Meg said...

Hey, thanks for the giveaway! I do enjoy a good YA read. Hope you are enjoying the Blog Hop!

Nylez said...

Thanks for this giveaway!!
Would love to read this!
Liked Fb page as Roselyn


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Krysykat said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
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Kelly said...

Just stopping by to say hi to all my fellow hoppers.


Laura H. said...

Thanks for the giveaway and for participating in this blog hop! "The Blacksmith's Daughter" sounds like my kind of book! BTW did you know has "Allan" Cole as the author of YOUR book! Just thought you might want to know! :-) I'm a new FB fan (Laura Henderson).


Adam said...

This does, indeed, sound like a great read. I'm hoping to win. If not, I'll end up buying it, I'm sure.

In my interview with Arley, I learned about the ironing. Very interesting.